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What is image and why it is so important?

Your image is your identity. it is how you are viewed in the eyes and minds of others. Your image influences the public perception of you, perception that results in impression of you. The elements of image or appearance are clothing, grooming and body language

Why do I need to work with an image consultant?

An Image Consultant is a professional who works with you as a counselor or coach to evaluate, improve, enhance, update, and/or upgrade your self-presentation through the elements of image. Whether it is a personal, social, or professional situation an Image consultant works with you to fine tune your appearance, actions and attitude.

Will an image consultant try to impose her taste upon you?

An image consult has no other agenda except your image. An image consultant works with you to discover your hidden potential to enhance your personal image through appearance, behavior, and communication.

Is it an expensive endeavor going to an image consultant? Have always feared that an image consultant means shopping a whole new wardrobe.

An image consultant is to organize your wardrobe and create combinations that will flatter your body. The whole idea is to mostly work with your existing wardrobe to identify the clothes that make a right statement about you. Of course, there could be some shopping to complete your existing wardrobe but will be surely done within your budget.

Does color analysis limit me to the number of colors that I could wear?

In reality, you can pretty much wear every color that exists, but you need to find your shades of each color. Color analysis is all about finding the right colors that expresses your personality and defines who you are. When you wear the right colors that matches your skin tone, hair, and eyes, you create an overall effect of harmony.

What is the difference between an Image Consultant and Fashion Designer?

When a fashion designer designs a garment, it does not have a particular customer in mind. Image consultants on the other hand need to manage the appearance of a client based on several factors which includes the client’s personal appearance like the body shape & color and also your personal style. In addition, you need to bear in mind that clothes are just one aspect of your image or appearance.

What is the difference between Image consultancy and Grooming?

Grooming is all about make-up and personal hygiene. Grooming is just one element of your image or appearance. Image consultants are grooming professionals in addition to other aspects of image which include your attire and communication (Verbal and non-verbal)